​We strike to provide our customers excellence in the following areas:
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New Technology - R&D Capability of AGC Coat-Tech Creates the Future of Fluororesin Coating 

The key element of AGC Coat-Tech lies in its highly advanced research and development. Leading the world, we developed weatherproof fluororesin curable at normal temperature named Bonnflon in 1983. World-class technology of AGC Coat-Tech for fluorocarbon polymer enabled the innovation to evolve this product.

To ensure its weatherproof performance and durability, every Bonnflon is tested for years under the sunshine weather meter evaluation test, along with other strict tests such as the xenon lamp test, QUV test, super UV test, immersion test, outdoor environment test conducted in Okinawa, Matsudo, Chjoshi, etc. 

We continue to conduct R&D to create the future of fluororesin coating with new function, new usage and new design, always thinking of developing a product that satisfies customer's expectation.

​邦盛建材香港有限公司是日本著名油漆製道商AGC Coat-Tech Co., Ltd. 在港澳區的獨家供應商. AGC集團已成立一百年, 除日本以外, 其業務遍及美州, 歐州以及亞州, 共有五萬四千名員工遍佈世界各地. 累續了40年生產油漆的經驗. 所有生產的油漆在業界中享負盛名. 其高性能的油漆無論應用於往宅, 工業, 公共機構或防腐工程, 質量和表現都傲視同群. 

這些年來, 本公司已樹立了一個極佳口碑的品牌. 高效的保護性及耐水性, 已被業界表彰為外牆漆中的市場領導者. 我們所提供的產品, 服務以及一站式的解決方案廣為客戶認同. Bonntile, Bonnflon和Bonncera等系列產品為我們帶來一個更亮麗的世界. 高效益的產品加上注重環保與健康的生產慨念. 使其油漆被專業用家廣泛使用於各項維修及全新的工程.​

Customer Focus - Solution 

We acknowledge the importance of providing a one-stop solution to the clients. Our well-experienced project management and application team lead and monitor all project works and ensure they are completed in quality, resources and cost effectiveness. The team develop and implement our Quality Control Plan in all processes and application to ensure the high standard performance.

​我們明白到為客戶提供一站式解決方案的重要性, 從產品供應至施工, 項目管理都照顧週到. 我們經驗豐富的專業項目管理小組為客戶領導及監督工程, 確保其符合品質標准及具成本效益. 我們在項目中所推行的品質監控系統, 更能確保每一個項目都有高水準的表現.

Customer Focus - Service

Customer satisfaction is our primer goal. We understand and recognize the importance of responsiveness to our clients. Our sales, customer service and technical team are all committed to provide quality service to our clients. We believe that we can only grow together with our clients. Our success built from the partnership relation with them. We work with our clients in making the most effective choice to suit their needs. We provide further services such as colour matching, technical solution and quality assurance scheme. 

​我氜以各為本, 服務令客戶滿意是我們的首要目標. 我們瞭解在競爭激烈的商業社會瞬速地回應客戶查詢及需求的重要性. 我們的銷售, 客戶服務及技術支授團隊都致力為客戶提供優質服務. 我們希望與客戶一起成長, 成為客戶一個可信赖的長期合作夥伴; 更希望與客戶緊密地聯繫及溝通. 使他們能作出最有效最合適的選擇. 我們亦為客戶提供其他的增值服務, 包括套色設計, 技術支援和品質保證計劃等等.

Quality & Environmental Committment 

The company strive to excel and maintain the production of high quality products. Our stringent quality control brings consistency and reliability to our valued clients. We have an expertise technical department up provide the best services of mock-up, on site support and continuous assessments. Our Quality Control Plan includes incoming goods inspection, on-site training and continuous assessments. Products sold under the Quality Control Plan are warranted for a minimum of 3 years for free from peeling and remarkable discoloration.


公司一向專注生產高質量和高性能產品. 所設定的嚴格品質監控系統為客戶帶來可靠及品質一致產. 我們專業的技術支授團隊為客戶提供的服務包括地盤工程的技術指導和支授, 專業的培訓以及項目的持續跟進和評估. 我們所設定的品質監控始於原材料的品質控制, 及至專業的培訓和跟進. 我們為品質匥控下的項目提供至少3年的保養期, 以證明產品能經得起長時間的洗禮, 不會出現剝落或明顥的顔色淡化.