• Asahi Glass was founded in September 1907 by the Mitsubishi Group, which invented the Asahi method in 1971 and has 13 float glass production lines in Japan. Asahi Glass has shares and plants in China, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam in Asia, but also in Europe, where the Belgian company Gravell has become a joint stock company of Asahi Glass (67.52% of Asahi Glass). 

    AGC has chemical sales division and AGC COAT-TECH CO.,LTD. belongs to this chemical division. Product Range:-

    Bonnflon GT-SR (Fluorine paint finish on cement-based materials /       

    Smooth & Texture Pattern)      

    Bonnflon AC (Highly weather-proof water-based fluorine clear finish        Fair face concrete protection and rectification works)

    Bonnflon Metal (Fluorine paint finish on metal surface) 

  • KIKUSUI Chemical has been producing environmentally friendly and recyclable architectural paints and coatings since its establishment in 1959.  Kikusui Paint is one of the most leading paint manufacturers in Japan and the variety of water-based paint-products with the concept of “Ecological Contribution”,“ Unique & Innovated Materials”, “Energy Saving” , “ Anti-fire Safety ”, “ Easy Maintenance” and “Long-Product Life” are satisfying the world needs of housing industry. http://www.kikusui-chem.co.jp/ The capital is around US$ 14 million and the sales turnover for 2012 is US$ 194 million New construction would create new demands of Kikusui Paint from now on. 

  • Looking for Global Partners. Wide Range Sizes & Colors。Easy & Quick Application。Green Product。Types: Brick Veneers, Stone Veneers, Feature Walls Product Range:

    - Kastone Brick and stone  Strato

    - Interior Special Texture Paint 

    - Kastpanel: Concrete Effect Wall Paneling 

    - Modena Coating decorative plaster 

    - Suzuka Trowel Wall and Floor Pebble Stone Coating  Strato@Metallics 

    - Kreterra: Floor cement render texture

  • BONNDECO is representing high quality assurance by its series as exterior, interior and spray granite etc. to prove by most of benchmark projects for example M+Museum at West Kowloon,. BONNDECO is received affirmation and praise from the market and customers.  

  • Stone paint is a high-grade water-based architectural paint with the decorative effect of natural stones such as marble and granite. It is mainly made of natural stone powder of various colors and particle sizes, polymer emulsion and various additives. Decorating with stone paint has a strong three-dimensional sense, and has the natural color of natural stone, giving people an elegant, harmonious and solemn beauty. It is suitable for interior and exterior decoration of all kinds of buildings, especially for various curved buildings and imitation stone carvings. 

  • Since our founding in 1917, as a manufacturer of interior and exterior wall coverings, we have consistently strived to create products based on the spirit of challenge of "meeting needs," "meeting expectations," "wanting to be unique," and "making products that lead the times," and have delighted our customers. In recent years, the role of interior and exterior wall coverings has changed significantly due to changes in the market structure and initiatives for environmental issues on a global scale. Under such circumstances, we will continue to take on the challenge of "creating a space that brings joy and excitement to people" through the creation of products that are unique to YAMAMOTO.