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About us 

Bonntile Hong Kong Limited is the exclusive supplier of the leading coating and paints manufacturer, the AGC Coat-Tech Co., Ltd in Japan. AGC group has established for 100 years and has global operations in Americas, Europe, Asia and Japan with 54,000 employees all over the world. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, we have a track record of delivering high performance paints to residential, institutions and anti-corrosion projects. 

We are well recognized with our products, service and solution to customers. Our product series of Bonntile, Bonnflon and Bonncera make the surrounding company has developed a prestige brand name and has been acknowledged by the market as the leader for exterior paints that meet the high standard requirements of protection and durability. The highly efficient, environmental & health conscious paints are widely applied by professionals on new works and also A&A works. 


About us 

Application Solution 

Wiseglobal Building Materials Company Limited is established in 2007, we are experience and professional in coating application for wall, ceiling & floor, We provide a high quality and high performance to our client by our application team with more than 20 years coating experience for this painting field. 

Coating Solution 

The brand name of of BONNDECO is created and established between Wiseglobal Building Material Company Ltd and BONNTILE Hong Kong Ltd since 2009. With past ten years, BONNDECO is representing high quality assurance by its series as external paint, emulsion paint and special paint etc. to prove by most of benchmark projects for example M+Museum at West Kowloon,. BONNDECO is received affirmation and praise from the market and customers. 

On the other hand, Wiseglobal Building Materials Company Ltd and BONNTILE Hong Kong Ltd imports various famous brands from worldwide including Bonnflon Fair-faced protective coating, C2 color hardener, Self-leveling silicate Flooring, Commercial Restorative, glass paint, hygiene coating, anti-graffiti and silane.