Coating Solution
External & Internal Coating
Bonndeco WeatherGuard
Modified Acrylic Resin

High-performance water-based modified acrylic paint with high quality acrylic resin. Posses excellent fungus and weathering resistance which is very suitable for the interiior and exterior uses in wet and hot environment.

Features & Benefits 

  • Water& Alkali Resistance 

  • Weather Resistance 

  • UV Resistance 

  • Water Vapor Permeable 

  • Anti-dirt Pick up 

  • Washability 

  • Algae and Fungus resistant 

Bonndeco Fine Urethane
Modified Acrylic Polyurethane Resin ​

Bonndeco Fine Urethane is an especially high performance and durable modified acrylic polyurethane paint for applying on new and renovation projects for internal and external walls. The resin particles fuse together forming a markedly durable paint as the water evaporates.

Features & Benefits

  • Good Water & Alkali Resistant 

  • Good Weather and Scrub Resistant 

  • Anti-dirt Excellent washability 

  • Anti-carbonation 

  • Good UV resistant 

  • Algae and Fungus resistant 

Bonndeco Silicone Shield 
Modified Acrylic Silicone Resin

Protect High-tech Protective Coating with a good balance of Poly (dimethylsiloxane) and Acrylic Resin, giving the protective film hydrophobic to water (Lotus Effect), but allowing water vapor to pass through (Water Vapor Permeable), reduce the chance of water staying below paint film to weaken the protection and causing mould & algae to grow.

Features & Benefits 

  • Good Weather Resistance 

  • Good UV Resistance 

  • Good Scrub Resistance 

  • Good Alkaline Resistance 

  • Good Adhesive strength 

  • Good Water Resistance

Bonndeco Elastic Shield
Modified Acrylic Elastomeric 

Bonndeco Elastic Shield G890 is a topcoat or mid-coating for the decoration and renovation market. It can be made a variety of three-dimensional textures and roller texture by different application methods with excellent machinery performance, anti-mold and anti-algae, good flexibility as well as covering the wall cracks. It is widely used in government, commercial and residential buildings for internal and external walls.

Features & Benefits

  • Could be used to make a variety of three-dimensional texture and roller texture effects by different application methods.

  • Excellent high tensile strength and toughness prevent cracking of the paint film. 

  • Good anti-mold and alkali resistance. It can effectively prevent the growth of mold and algae and maintain the appearance for a long time. 

Bonndeco Miner-K Paint - Inorganic silicate 
Bonndeco Miner-K G2005 water-based Inorganic exterior wall paint is made of Inorganic silicate as the main binder which is combined with weather-resistant pigments and special additives. The product has an anti-mold and antibacterial function. The coating film a refractory and has an excellent performance in water resistance, scrub resistance, alkali resistant, temperature resistance, weather-resistant, stain resistance.

Features & Benefits 

  • Excellent water permeability, water, and alkali resistance

  • Good bonding to the substrate and good hiding power

  • Excellent anti-mold, anti-algae, and anti-stain properties to make the paint film lasting and beautiful 

  • The paint film has strong UV resistance, excellent weather resistance, good gloss, and color retention 

  • Inorganic materials, the coating film is refectory and flame retardant 

Bonndeco Nano Heat Tech

Bonndeco Nano Heat G2010 Nano reflective insulation exterior wall paint is made of specially modified emulsion, additives, and nanomaterials with extreme weather resistance and heat reflective pigment.

Features & Benefits 

  • Excellent reflection and heat insulation performance, building cooling down after use and saving energy; 

  • Excellent weather resistance, gloss, and colour retention and protect the wall as long as new;

  • Excellent stain, alkali, and water resistance; 

  • Good anti-fungal and anti-algae properties can effectively inhibit the growth of mold and algae and protect the wall surface for a long time. 

  • Very low VOC, APEO-free, environmentally friendly coating.

Bonndeco Tile Filler 

Bonndeco Tile Filler is combined of two components includes mortar powder A and mortar binder B. The mortar powder is made of high molecular polymer rubber powder and glue with anti-cracking fiber, high-quality cement, filler, and auxiliary agent. It has strong adhesive force, crack resistance, water resistance, alkali resistance, and vapor permeability. Bonndeco Tile Filler - rough type is suitable for exterior wall and Tile filler-fine type for interior type.

Features & Benefits 

  • Good adhesion for the substrate and paint system.

  • Low water absorption and high hydrophobicity.

  • Low modulus of elasticity and good crack resistance.

  • Good workability and resistance to drooping 

  • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly, easy to use.

  • Two-component tile filler is used for renovation for exterior walls such as mosaics and tiles, which can be directly applied without the need to remove old mosaics and tiles.

 Internal Coating

Bonndeco Interior
Modified Acrylic Emulsion

Bonndeco Interior high-efficiency anti-mold topcoat is combined with modified acrylic emulsion and weather-resistant pigment. It's unique and core technology to prevent the growth of mold and algae on the wall paint surface. It is an environmental product with low V.O.C. and No APEO. The product is excellent in hiding power, adhesion, scrub resistance and is suitable for residential, hotels, houses, hospitals for interior walls and ceilings.

Features & Benefits 

  • Excellent hiding/opacity 

  • Alkaline resistance 

  • Water resistance 

  • Algae and Fungus resistance 

  • Good workability/appearance

Bonndeco Washable Distemper

Economic interior paint for the back of house areas, commercial residential, and government projects, It is suitable for new interior masonry surfaces such as brickworks, plaster, cement, and rendering.

Features & Benefits 

  • Excellent opacity 

  • Cost-effective  

  • Economic 

  • Easy odor

  • Good Adhesion

Bonndeco Universal Paint

Bonndeco Water-based Universal Paint is made of water-based acrylic resin, anti-rust pigment filler, and additives. It has excellent rust, corrosion, water, saltwater, and weather resistance. It is a water-based coating free of benzene, carcinogen substances such as toluene and free TDI, and harmful heavy metals, no irritating color as well as healthy and environmentally friendly. 

Features & Benefits 

  • Excellent rust and corrosion resistance. 

  • Good adhesion and impact resistance. 

  • Excellent water resistance, saltwater resistance, and weather resistant. 

  • High hiding power and high-cost performance. 

  • fast drying. 

  • Non-toxic and tasteless, otherwise it does not explode, safe and environmentally friendly products.

Bonndeco ProxyPro
Waterborne Epoxy Topcoat 

Bonndeco Waterborne epoxy topcoat is two-component material consisting of epoxy resin and a water base polyamine hardener. The epoxy coating could be provided excellent in high adhesion as well as resistance to staining and chemical. It is environmental and low pollution. It is suitable for floor, wall, and ceiling for the factory as food, pharmaceutical, electronic, etc. It is also suitable for high heavy traffic area as carpark, shopping mail, etc. 

Features & Benefits 

  • Excellent in adhesion to the substrate. 

  • Excellent in hardness (achieve 2H).

  • Excellent in chemical and staining resistance. 

  • Reducing the bubble and peel-off problem due to breathability. 

  • Easy to us, shorten the construction time. 

  • Non-flammable.

  • Water-based product with low V.O.C and No formaldehyde